• Image of Amethyst Rune Stone INTUITIVELY CHOSEN

Let us exercise our Third-Eye Chakra & intuitively choose a rune stone for you 🙏
Similar to Tarot cards, Rune Stones each hold a different message. The markings on them represent ancient Scandinavian or Anglo-Saxon symbols. They are usually sold in a set, but we are going to do a single stone pull - or as many as you'd like!This won't just be an exercise for us; use YOUR Third-Eye to telepathically send us a question, concern, or maybe just a topic for the day. We will palpate that energy and draw a stone as a message from your higher guides. Keep it with you, on your altar or bedside at home as a reminder.
These beautiful Rune stones are carved from Amethyst. Each one comes with a description of the symbol chosen.