• Image of Crystal Eggs

⚡Quartz⚡ master healer & amplifier of energy.
❄Celestite❄ stimulates communication with higher beings & angels.
✨Lapis Lazuli✨ protects against psychic attacks; opens throay chakra.
💙Apatite💙 an inspirational stone of manifestation; deepens meditation.
💫Jasper💫 supreme nurturer; brings tranquility, joy, and protection.
🌱Aventurine🌱 promotes empathy & compassion; protects heart chakra.
☁Sodalite☁ balances & calms, stimulating self-trust & intuition.
☄Rutilated Quartz☄ relieves fear; aids astral travel & spiritual guidance.
🌛Moonstone🌜 calms emotions; reminds one of the cycle of constant change.
🌈7 CHAKRA🌈 ~ made of 7 different stones to heal & activate all chakras.